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5 Quick Tactics to Get Moving on Achieving Your Goals

Sometimes you get stuck with your goal-setting. Here’s 5 methods you can implement today to get unstuck. Use these to change your mindset, your frame of reference and your approach. Get unstuck now.

A Twist on Setting Goals

Recently I was listening to a faith message by one of my favorite ministers. Well, actually two ministers. But they both teach/preach in different ways.

Goals Need to Be Checked Against Reality

Goal setting should push us, but how much? How do we know if our goals are realistic but at the same time push us to achieve more than we can now? The only way to know is to regularly check our goals against reality.

Message From the Universe: The Simple Approach to Life!

You do not need to complicate your life to reach the goals you’ve given yourself throughout your career. You just need to use a simple approach to everything, figure out the best way to accomplish these goals and just focus on what makes you happy. The rest is pretty easy from that point forward. We tend to always look at things as being very complex in nature and if not, it may be too good to be true. There is no reason to look at life this way, as you need to step back and analyze the situation carefully and realize that life is not really that difficult, and all the challenges you face today are being created by yourself, and no one else.

Unplug From Virtual Reality – Plug Into Your Own Reality

Unplug from technology, computers, smart phones and the like – at least for a day, a night, a few hours, or even for an extended period of time can bring you groundedness and sharpen your efforts while adding balance to your daily living. Plug into what’s happening right before your very eyes. People and conversations abound all around you. Enjoy the view that driving a motorcycle or automobile can provide for you, really engaging and noticing the new styles of automobiles, the street signs, and roads all look so organized, the forethought and planning was accomplished at desk-level, by a man or a team of people, facing their own reality – Unplugged from anything other than planning and releasing their creativity designing something tangible is awe-inspiring and truly amazing! Many things can be designed using virtual reality, though it is good, it does not replace the smile that I receive from you when you return my smile back to me! Living in your own reality also does not give you cause for worry about electromagnetic rays traveling in your body and energy. Unplug from virtual reality and enjoy your own reality – your body and mind are crying out to you.

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