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Goal Setting – Why Most People Fail Miserably at Goal Setting

A lot of people are setting goals because they strongly believe that goal setting is a waste of time because they tried it in the past and failed at achieving their set goals, they then decided that goal setting exercises just do not work. The fact is that the world’s most successful people are goal setters. Goal setting drives you to achieve what you have set out to achieve and you know exactly what you are shooting for.

Goal Setting – The Real Secret to Success in Goal Setting

The real secret to success in goal setting is KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT in life and working towards achieving it, period. Do some goal setting exercises where you get to write what you want in every area of your life such as Personal, Career, Financial, Health, Family and Relationships. Do not be vague, if you want to achieve success in your chosen career, write down what type of success you want – do you want to be the manager, CEO, senior officer etc.

Count Down To Your Goals

One of the concepts I briefly touched on during one of my recent conference coaching calls was to set your yearly income goal and every time you close a transaction subtract the amount you are paid from your yearly goal. Another way to put this powerful concept into play is by using transactions as a goal.

Why We Need Goal Setting Patience

Patience is key when it comes to goal setting. Unfortunately many set goals only to give up on them before they start seeing results. It is amazing how many people start a new business venture or weight loss program only to give up in the first week.

Goal Setting – Don’t Get Left Behind

If you are you are one of those people who dream of achieving success in their career, relationships and family life etc. then you will need to set goals. If you fail to set goals you will find it difficult to evaluate how far you have gone and how close you are to achieving success.

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