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Destiny VS The Law Of Attraction, And Finding Ultimate Truth

The search for truth is the eternal and elusive pursuit of many people. These truth seekers often believe in one or both of these concepts; Destiny and the Law of Attraction. Finding truth requires a totally objective view of all things and the removal of all fixed opinions. This is actually logical and indisputable because it establishes two facts. First, that the ultimate truth is beyond our capacity to comprehend intellectually as we are, otherwise someone would have figured it out now and not just go along with blind religious faith, and second, that the human intellectual process functions by reverting to previous experiences to identify the current situation or question thus limiting and restricting the capacity to understand totally foreign concepts.

Commitment, an Untapped Source of Personal Power

I respect, honor, trust and admire persons who display a life of engagement. I have witnessed their character, integrity, and successful lives. It seems reasonable to think that many people, rather than a few, would overwhelmingly choose to live an engaged life for the benefits of success and fortune.

Message From the Universe: Not All Expenses Are Bad Ones

When starting a business, you will face a lot of challenges but also expenses before you even see a dime. You will lose your shirt at times but you will also gain valuable insight on how to properly manage and succeed in business. Plenty of people just get buy and never do much more than that. You need to be different, as long as you learn the lessons of life, you will always come out a winner.

5 Most Common Reasons People Fail To Achieve Their Goals

When it comes to setting goals, a lot of people thought that all they need to do is to write down the goals, and then everything will come true automatically. This is not how it works. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t work on their goals.

Press the Reset Button on Your Goals

If you’re on track to accomplishing all, most, or even part of what you set out to, congratulations! But if there are some goals still on the table, or you haven’t made the progress you had expected or visualized in achieving your goal by now, you may be getting frustrated, discouraged, angry with yourself – or even doubting your ability to get that thing you wanted so much. in case you want to get some wind back in your sails so you can start moving in the direction of your dreams again, the first thing you must…

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