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The Five Minute Rule

You need to create energy to break out of the procrastination cycle. Start with just five minutes and give yourself permission to stop after that.

5 Things: How Badly Do You Want to Get to Your Financial Goals?

There are two types of people in the world – those who talk about things and those who make things happen. I like to think I’m in the second bunch. Thing is, I hear lots of people say they want to live without credit, travel more, pay off their bond, etc, etc. but not many of those people will get there if they don’t have these 5 things in place:

2 Ways You Should Start Setting Goals For Your Internet Business

If you want to have success in your online business, you need to set goals. Goals are the building blocks to financial success online. Beside, how will you be organized, and stay on top of things if you’re running around and scrambling everyday.

Why You Should Set Goals In Your Internet Business

Do you know why you should set goals in your internet business? You should set them so that you can plan and chart your success. As soon as you accomplish one thing, cross it off the list and start on the next goal.

It Takes Small Steps to Reach Any Goal

“Just do it,” said the pop culture ad campaign. I say, “Just start.” One leaves you with the feeling that a twenty-six mile marathon must be completed TODAY. And the other, what does it mean exactly? Let’s make it around your neighborhood first perhaps.

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