Tony Robbins – How to Breakthrough in Life and Be Successful – Power of Purpose & Achievement

Do I Need Goals to Be Successful?

Goal setting, or not? This is a question many ask. What is the importance? What is the point? Do I have to? The answer is really quite simple.

A Dream, A Goal, and A Method

I recently found a method to help me change my life and work toward making my dreams come true. By changing one habit at a time, I can focus my energy on improving one aspect of my life.

Positive Affirmations Help Create a New Life

Affirmations can be used to create a continuous flow of positive thoughts into your subconscious mind, thereby, helping you create a new life. From the time you wake in the morning your mind is on constant chatter with thousands of thoughts, all day long. Did you know your thoughts are on automatic pilot?

What To Do If Your Goal Is Denied

What To Do If Your Goal Is Denied If you want something fulfilled, you have to believe and seek the possibilities of your goal and dream. You have to face every challenge, seek for improvement, and work your ass hard enough. You have to row without stopping even in storm, and hike peaks even if the earth shakes.

Goals, Dreams, Will and Perseverance – Let’s Talk About the Milestones

Okay so, what is a milestone? Well, it’s like a mile-marker on the freeway, it’s just a marker that lets you know how far you have come, and how far you still have to go. It’s a simple concept, and something we hardly even think about, but it is something perhaps more of us should think about more often.

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