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How To Create A Successful Massive Action Plan

Ever wonder how some people are able to consistently achieve results and focus on multiple projects at one time? Here’s your chance to learn how to create a successful massive action plan… or what I call an Massive Action, Uber Success Plan.

Scientific Thinking for Goal Achievement

Scientific thinking is a process of filtering out unnecessary mental garbage and replacing it with supporting thought processes that lead us to effortless goal achievement. This ancient art of thinking can be the missing link to systematically achieving goals.

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

What happens when your goals are suddenly derailed by life? How do you take control and plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances? There will always be family events, illnesses and more on the horizon, threatening to sabotage your goals. Don’t let them.

Importance of Vision in Life

Having goals is the beginning step to forming a vision for your life. When we set a goal and achieve it, the next step of growth is becoming excellent at that skill/talent. Upon excelling at a skill, the question or innate inclination will begin to nudge at you asking “is this it?”

10 Reasons Why People Do Not Achieve Their Goals by the End of Every Year

Most people start the New Year by setting big goals which they plan to achieve before the year ends. The big question is, how many end up achieving their goals by the end of the year? In this simple and very interesting article, I have written on ten reasons why people end up achieving nothing at the end of a whole year.

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