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The SMART Way To Success

A ‘Goal’ is like the steering-wheel of a car… if you have no steering-wheel, you’ll just be putting your life into the hands of fate because you’ll have extremely limited or no steering at all and where you’ll end up is simply anybodys’ guess – you may get lucky… you very likely won’t..! A Quick Preamble: Success doesn’t just happen because you expect it to if you wait around long enough, it happens ONLY when you make it so… It has been said by more than one wise-man (and wise-woman);

Embracing the Uncertainty of Your Early Twenties

Three years ago I was so certain of my future plans and everything I wanted to make of my life. Boy, has a lot changed since then! Yes, I still have big goals and aspirations, but hardly anything lines up with what my plans were 3 years ago as an incoming college freshman.

Shrink Wrap or Unwrap: The Best Way To Achieve Your Goals

You as an entrepreneur get to make decisions that either move you closer to what you want, or away. Unwrap the ‘move away’ impulse to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting to Achieve Your Dreams

With determination, a clear plan and some single mindedness you can achieve much of what you want in life. I have a saying: “If I want something badly enough I can achieve pretty much anything and if I don’t achieve it, I either didn’t want it sufficiently to put in the effort, or I didn’t have the right plan of action. Are you really serious about wanting to achieve your plan, because if you aren’t totally committed to your dream you may not continue long enough to complete it. What is your dream? Millions of people want to start their own business, are you one of them? Whatever your dreams the steps below will help you achieve them, also see a must read book by Anthony Robbins.

Designing Your Life Before You Set Your Goals

Are your goals out of balance with your life? Designing your life plan first will help you get clarity on where you want to go. Before you venture off to goal setting. Design your life plan first.

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