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The Next Level: Considerations, Fears, and Road Blocks

These 3 things are simply a part of the process of goal achieving. They will show up on the road to successville. It’s important that you will handle each of these three sabotaging friends as they come along. The three obstacles to your success are considerations, fears, and roadblocks.

It’s Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

We are given this life because we are strong enough to live it. This article focuses on the problems faced in life, and how one should not give up. Rather one should overcome the difficulties in order to succeed.

How Integrating Focus And Motivation Can Help You To Achieve Your Goals In Life

Focus and motivation are probably the two most powerful factors you need to achieve your goals in life. But the truth is, many of us find it really difficult to stay focused or motivated for any length of time. We start at a project, whether it’s weight loss or business related goals, with great intentions and then we get sidetracked and forget what we were doing in the first place. To find success and bring everything together you can have either focus or motivation but you have to have both. It’s about having the right mindset. In other words, how you think, what frame of mind you’re in and how you perceive the challenges that life throws at you. Mindset is what you believe, is what motivates you and it’s what gets you going at any time of the day. When you believe that you can you will end when you believe you can’t you won’t. In other words what you believe is what you will achieve and that is mindset.

How Most Successful People Go About Setting Affirmative Goals

Goal setting is a task that most successful people have become expert at. Unfortunately, most of us also do it incorrectly! There are several ways of developing goals that have been taught over the years but if you notice you are not usually successful at completely those goals. For instance, at the beginning of every year most people set New Years resolutions or goals. They separate their lives down into four or five different categories-financial, personal, relational, spiritual, and job. Under each of these categories they write goals for themselves and timelines by which they hope to achieve them. Unfortunately, this leaves us with an incredible task of juggling several different action plans at once and it is not long before the entire plan is chucked and nothing is accomplished.

Kudos To Cato, the Elder

Cato started to study Greek at the age of 80. When questioned by a younger friend why he was taking up the study of a new language so late in life, Cato was said to reply”Well it’s the only time left to me.” Cato’s example could be a kick in the pants for all of us seniors who use our advanced years as an excuse to sit back in our easy chairs and watch TV.

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