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Why It’s Good to Set Goals for Healing Work

Setting goals are just as important in health care as they are in business. If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, health-wise, with your healer or therapist, how will you know if the approach you’re using is really working?

5 Ways to Fulfill Your Dreams

Five ways to allow your mind to explore and dream of a better future for you. Allow your mind to dream big and make steps towards making your dreams become a reality.

Step Up the Pace

The measurement of time is precise and consistent. Though the seconds, minutes and hours are of the same substance they are all different. Tomorrow is not today and yesterday is the past. Like the universe and life, time waits for no one. What you do with your time will dictate your life. It is just as important as the air we breathe. God has given us the gift of freewill to choose and do as we please. He also gave us specific instructions as to what we should do with the gifts given to us. Our timeline was decided before we were born. That is all of the time allotted to accomplish the things in life that define who and what we are. Let’s not waste our time.

How to Develop Goals: Using a Goal Setting Chart

Recently, I thought of a saying of Dr. Robert Anthony, a fellow author here on this site, and I quote with probably a little paraphrasing: Too many people measure their progress solely by where they want to go, not where they have come from in a realistic way, so disappointment sets in for those many people who measure their progress by where they want to go and not where they came from. Now, I am not saying live in the past, but I am saying that it should be remembered as a bench mark.

3 Tips To See Success And Overcome Procrastination

Once I entered the business world, doing any sort of marketing or sales, this is what I told myself to go after any prospective leads: “If I don’t go and talk to new people, drumming up prospects, then I won’t get any sales, and I won’t get any money.” It’s that simple. No money means no food, and no money to pay bills. Those are kind of important. No money also means having nothing to pay when the rent or the mortgage is due. And not having a home, a place of my own, is a really big deal. You better believe I went out and got those sales. So I drew a direct link between the pain of being homeless all the way to that desire to meet new people and create new sales. Then I activated those steps that I outlined above. I started with small steps, a call or two a day, and got a consistent routine going. If you can find that thing that you want to avoid, whatever pain that is in your life, you can use that to motivate you and overcome procrastination.

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