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The Secret Ingredient to Setting Effective Goals: It’s Not What You Think

Welcome to February! Technically it’s the last month of winter in the Northern hemisphere. For most, the darkness of the season hasn’t yet given way to the lightness of spring.

What To Do When You Are Still Stuck

Do you face every new year with the determination that you will achieve your goals this time, only to find that you give up all too soon? There is a way to get unstuck once and for all.

Say Goodbye to the Old Year!

Ever wonder why we make such a big deal about resolutions when so many people either don’t make them (less than 40%) or if they do, only about 8% actually happen? Wishful thinking maybe? Or possibly, “Where did I hide that magic wand anyway?” So if they don’t work, how about for starters we just throw out the whole idea of resolutions. Let go of the practice entirely. Decide that this year you just won’t be joining that crowd.

Get ‘Er Done!

We are several weeks into the new year and I am wondering how you are doing with your resolutions… Hopefully you have written down the goals and are working towards them already.

How To Overcome The Number One Obstacle That Threatens You Reaching Your Goals

The lack of interaction between our heart and our mind is the number one cause of many failing to reach their goals. Here we identify the role of each. When we learn how to work our heart and mind in unison we have the most powerful tools at our disposal to achieve success.

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