Tony Robbins Motivation 2021 – Change The Way, You See Yourself

Goal Setting and Its Power: Not in My Back Yard

Why are goals so powerful? It is not just the goals themselves that are powerful, but rather the discipline of forcing yourself to get outside your box, of mapping out a set of actions that take you from point A to point B, of the confidence that comes from incremental action and success that makes goal setting so powerful.

5 Business Changes I’m Making in 2013

One good thing about being in business as long as I have is that you no longer need to do something just because everyone else is doing it. At some point, you have to choose what truly fits you. No more trying to put a round peg in a square hole. Working on my 2013 business plan over the last few weeks,I’ve decided this year will be all about doing it my way.

Evaluate Your Performance This Year to Increase Next Year’s Success

William, the owner of a health care consulting business, emailed me last week in preparation for our upcoming call. Should we discuss his goals for next year, he wondered, or should we reflect first on the year that just passed? We can do both at the same time, I replied.

The Magic of Intentions – It All Starts With a Dream

You create your own reality. Whether you believe it or not, it is a fact. If you think it’s all a bunch of hooey… it matters not. You still create it all. On the other hand, knowing you create it all doesn’t really change anything either.

Goal Setting – Avoid Common Problems That Prevent You From Achieving Your Aims

Do you feel that days, weeks and months go by and you haven’t achieved everything that you set out to do? This is hardly surprising or uncommon because the world we live in moves at a very fast pace.

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