Tony Robbins Motivation – 5 Keys to Living Your Best Post Pandemic Life

A Resolution’s Timing Problem

A resolution is similar to a goal, but resolutions have a problem with time. Understanding this problem can allow you to convert your resolutions into goals.

Goal Setting Tips: The Value of Goal Setting

Did you set a New Year’s Eve Resolution? For some people it is a to do list, lose weight, make more money, buy a new car/TV/house, find a new love. To a lot of people this is what a goal is, but I think goals are more than a to do list.

What I Learned About Goals From An Eagle

When you want to achieve your goals you must be fearless like an Eagle. You need to be laser focused on what you want and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Dreams? Goals?

We all hold our dreams in our hearts like a pit which carries fire in it. Our dreams, our goals can be very unique, it can be different, it can be crazy and it may seem impossible and may leave people thinking that you’ve gotten mad or so but it’s what our heart truly wants. Hence, we should go after it without doubt or fear. However, we must be aware of the external forces at play such as Nature’s laws and follow them to have an easier journey.

Keep It Simple: Meeting Goals

When life becomes confusing and over whelming, there is a management technique I use that has been very helpful. I learned this technique while working at the psychiatric hospital and we were getting reading for our routine four year inspection by The Joint Commission; during our leadership meetings one of our Directors offered a personal leadership technique that has stayed with me. He said, every day when he comes to work, he has 4 things/goals that he works on and these will help prepare us for the inspection.

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