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Goals Aren’t About Winning: They’re About You

All this time you thought goals and goal-setting were the focal point. Actually, the focal point is you. Find out how to overcome the one obstacle to your success – the one that lives in your head.

How To Eliminate Perfection From Your Life and Reach Your Goals

Have you ever had the experience of not keeping the resolutions or promises that you made for yourself and feeling inadequate when you didn’t follow through? There was a time when this would happen to me routinely. Today, I have two basic rules I attach to all of my goals.

The Importance of Goals

Self awareness is the ability to stand apart, at least mentally, from our own self in order to ask ourselves questions about our values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. It is the process of becoming aware of what drives our behaviour and discerning whether or not any changes are required in order for our actions to remain congruent with our goals.

No Luxury of A Second Opinion

And so today, I find myself, yet again, being reminded of this moment in my history and of my own heart’s deep, deep desire to be so ONE with God that the hunger is almost painful. (and yet I wish this state upon all! lol) This “hunger” compels from a place of passion and purity within. “Deep calls to deep” the psalmist cries. (Ps 42:7)

Change the Trajectory of Your Life by Making Better Choices

It is that time of year again where you reflect on your year and ask yourself how you did. When you look back over your year, are you satisfied with the progress you have made? Or is this just another year where you feel like you have really worked hard, have once again given your all, but you are no closer to realising your dreams than you were in January this year. Every year just seems to get busier and you feel like you are working harder than ever, yet you are just spinning your wheels every day, achieving very little. You are not alone; most people that I have surveyed this year feel the same.

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