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3 SIMPLE Steps to Setting and Getting Your Goals!

Setting Goals AGAIN??? So when IS the best time on setting goals for the things you want to be, do and have? It seems this one day comes around too quickly doesn’t it? For most it’s a time to be cherished and for others it’s a time to be despised, for the only reason they beat themselves up for not doing or getting the things they want. Sound a little familiar? It’s because we’ve all done this at one time or another.

My Magic Fitbit and the Power of Tracking

The magic of tracking is that it increases your awareness of choices, and it’s your choices that create your outcomes. It works for any change or goal you’re working towards and any habit or behavior you want to sustain. Here are seven reasons tracking data and information is so powerful.

Hitting a Road Block? You Can Achieve Your Goals!

What happens when you hit a roadblock; what do you do? Below, I’ll talk about what keeps us from moving forward – and how to navigate to higher levels.

How to Achieve Your Goals: How Does It Feel at the Top?

Everyone wants to reach a goal so they’ll FINALLY be there… at the top! Don’t you? But then what? The truth about how to achieve your goals may surprise you…

Achieving Your Goals With One Simple Step

Do you feel that you never seem to take the necessary action that is needed to make your goals and dreams come true? How many goals have you actually ticked off of your list? Do you feel inspired, motivated and enthusiastic about your future, but you never seem to take the next vital step? Well, after thirty years of studying personal improvement I have found ‘The Secret’ to achieving your goals.

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