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Why Chasing Your Goals Will Only Frustrate You

DIETS, exercise programs, weight loss, smoking, drinking, bad sex, drugs, gambling, complaining, stuttering; all things we either want to stop or control. Then there’s the things we want more of: spiritual growth, resilience, the ability to forgive, the capacity to save money, etc. These are all noble things to aim for, but it seems to me that goal-setting and goal-achievement are entities that don’t necessarily get on. So many goals that we set are never achieved; not even close. But blessed is the one who doesn’t give up!

5 Habits to Become Extremely Successful

Are you a disciplined person or do you just do whatever seems good to do every day? Do you know about the Rule of 5. This article talks about what successful people do to become more successful every day.

A Thing Called Hope

There are two ways of looking at this past year. A year of wars and terrorist attacks and a growing economic equality in our country between rich and poor. Or we can it in terms of the many individuals who acted in an effective way to make our world a better place. Call me a cockeyed optimist but I am opting for hope.

What Do Successful People Do?

What do successful people do to be successful? They visualize their lives and set goals. They look down the tunnel of time, five years in advance. They see what they look like, what their bank accounts look like. After they see the future they set goals to achieve that future.

Why We Are All ADD With Goals (and What We Can Do About Setting Goals That Stick)

When it comes to setting goals many of us become ADD and get distracted. We find our goals lagging and we never quite reach the focus we need. Here is a simple process to get your goals working for you whether it’s January 1st or just the first day of the week.

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