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How SMART Are Your Goals?

Goals are a necessity. Without goals, you can go through life without ever discovering your abilities, talents, and purpose. Goals provide you with a destination in your life journey. They give you hope for a better future. For best results, you must be SMART in your goal setting.

Learn How to Set Your Goals

Have you ever thought what your goals signify? Well goals are essentially depictions of your dreams about yourself and your expectations. Setting goals means that you recognise your constraints and you are prepared to work hard to overcome those constraints and achieve success, personally, or professionally.

“A” Is for Action on Your Goals

When you hear the word “action” what comes to mind? Do you see someone running and moving fast or someone sitting down watching TV? Of course the person in motion is the person we see taking action.

How “Casualties of War” and Steve Jobs Changed My Life

Have you seen the movie “Casualties Of War?” Based on a true story, the film challenges us to consider the choices we make in life. As a result of one particular scene in the movie as well as a commencement address given by Steve Jobs, I now have a different approach to how I create my schedule and my life. The article discusses what I do and why.

Goal Setting – How to Use Goal Setting to Rapidly Boost Your Performance

Everyone has desires and dreams that they would really like to accomplish. Whether they want to advance their professional career or to find a better paying job; goal setting is truly the best way to transform one’s desire into a physical manifestation. You can use goal setting to get from the point you are to the point where you want to be in life and in your career.

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