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Tips for Writing Out Your Goals and How to Take Baby Steps in Achieving Them

“Living your life without goals and objectives is setting off across unknown territory with no road signs and no road map.”- Brian Tracy. Many of us have goals we have to achieve annually. We use a basic listing method sort of like a ‘laundry list’ to list the goals we want to achieve annually. However, this method of goal setting does not give you a systematic way to achieve their goals. Here, we will list down tips for writing out your goals and how to take small steps towards achieving them.

Your Free Time Should Be the Busiest Time

We are all given 24 hours a day. How we make use of that time depends on how we set our priorities. We cannot create time. But we can manage our priorities to free up some time for something. How do you spend your free time? Free time should be your busiest time of the day. Don’t make it an idle time.

Touching the Void

Recently, I watched the movie Touching the Void, again; I have seen it about three or four times now, I suppose, and I guess that I will watch it many more times in the future. It is one of those films that I don’t actually have in my collection, but I do tend to watch every time they put it on TV.

Achieving Goals: Learning the Habits of an Achiever

Is there a particular person you admire whose penchant for achievements makes you a bit green with envy? Have you ever wondered how he or she does it? Read on if you want to be like that person.

The Engine And Fuel Of Survival

Actively set and achieved goals are the engine and fuel of survival. How many people will admit that in a genuine sense?

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