Tony Robbins Motivation – Critical Psychology of Wealth to Become Rich and Have a Lot of Money

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs set goals, not just for the sake of doing so but they set SMART goals. A logical question to ask is, what is a goal, and the simplest answer to that is, A goal is just a dream written down. Another relevant question to follow that is, Why is a goal important? and a simple matching answer can be, we need to have something at which to aim. Imagine a Archer aiming for the bull’s eye. Your goal is that bull’s eye you are aiming to achieve and celebrate.

What Makes a Good Plan?

Decisions are the catalysts that spark goals. Plans are the means by which we achieve goals.


You have made some great decisions for your life – congratulations! Now – how do you bring them to reality?

The Objective Game Of Achievement

Sure, life should be taken seriously, and must be taken seriously in order to achieve anything. But where does seriousness begin and where does the game end? That is the question that this article answers fully and succinctly.

The Seven ‘P’s

Imagine you are in your car about to embark on an 800 mile journey with no destination. You haven’t packed a thing and you have little or no money with you either. You wouldn’t do that did you say? Sadly that is what so many people do when they embark on the journey known as life! They are drifting with no purpose or plan. In life, as well as any major task, event, or challenge we have to make a plan.

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