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Goal Setting – Why Bother? The Answer May Lie in a Game of Chess!

This article explores an analogy of your life being liked to a Game of Chess. It shows the complexity of life and why it is so very important to set goals. It may help you envision why goal setting is critical to your eventual success in achieving your desires.

Are You Creating the Life You Truly Want?

Did you know that our thoughts, words, and actions create our reality? Amazing concept, isn’t it? We create what we think about. We create what we talk about. We create what we act out. We can create the life we truly want by changing our thoughts, words, and actions.

What Are You Willing To Do?

For years, I have used this time to begin a big goal-setting session for the New Year – to dig in deep and outline all that I want to achieve in the year ahead in each area of my life. Ironically, this Goal Setting Project often takes me weeks, if not months to finish. And let’s not get started on when I actually get around to completing these wonderfully well thought out goals.

The Goal Setting Process Explained

Most people don’t understand why they should set goals. When you mention goal setting and the whole goal setting process, they seem to become confused straight away. Understanding what stops people from achieving their dreams and desires will clarify and focus your mind on what needs to be done to set achievable realistic goals.

Achieve Goals in Home Business by Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is a science to achieving goals. Yes, it’s proven and accepted by scientific profession and summarized here in simple steps.

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