Tony Robbins Motivation – Extra Q&A with Tony Robbins

Marketing Your Own Self Worth?

Do you know the 4 main components that will set you up for success? Once you know them, will you follow through on them?

Is Your Financial Goal Set Correctly?

There are two questions I want to attempt to tackle in this post: firstly, is your financial goal (assuming you have one) set at the right level; and secondly, have you got your performance goals correctly set in order to support your financial goal? I believe that you need to think about these two things very carefully.

Slow Down, Go Green AND Save Money

Going green could not only be a way of reducing your impact but it could also save you money, so it makes sense on two counts. Yes, recycling a tin can isn’t going to put a stop to global warning but it’s our responsibility not to be wasteful just because we’re more fortunate than others.

Goal-Setting on Someday Isle

Brian Tracy came up with a lovely little phrase to encapsulate what often gets in the way of people achieving their dreams. He said that, at least mentally, they often decide to take a vacation to a place he likes to call Someday Isle.

Why Objections Are the Key to Your Goal

Just bring up the word “change” and your staff could be like rats on ice, trying desperately to skitter away as fast as they can. In goal achievement, why do some leaders succeed where others fail? Objections. These negatives are actually the key to your success.

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