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Don’t Set SMART Goals!

If you ever wanted to achieve any sort of result, whether it was in health and fitness, business or your career, you’ve probably learned about the importance of setting SMART goals. And if you worked with me, I would have helped you do the same. We would sit down together and come up with a goal that fit the golden standard: it was specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.

The Most Incredible Article About Goals You’ll Ever Read

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve their goals and others don’t. Yes, for the most part the reason is massive action. But do you know why people take massive action in the first place?

Goal Setting – Can It Increase Your Self-Esteem?

Although I knew about, and even occasionally used this goal setting system, I severely underestimated the potential of this powerful method. Too much hassle, I thought. I was wrong.

Change in Season, Change in Routine

Adapting to change requires extra energy. With the carefree days of summer coming to an end and the fall season looming before us, children getting ready to return to school, people start to buckle down to prepare for winter – all this requires changes to our routine. Too much change can lead to negative stress and poor health. Think of yourself as a rechargeable battery with so much energy to spend at any given time. When the energy is used up, we have to recharge it by taking rest which restores our batteries.

Busy or Productive – 3 Steps to Living Your Best Life

You may have habits and daily patterns that are so much a part of daily life that you may not recognize them as choices. ~ Author Unknown Are you too busy? Stressed out?

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