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Build Your Goals On Firm Foundations

We all know that we need to set goals, and the more energy you have towards reaching a goal, the greater chance you’ll have of getting there. So, what can you do to give your goals some wings? The most important thing is to give yourself some deadlines.

It’s Possible To Change Even If It Feels Unlikely

Are you stuck in a rut of believing that changing your life isn’t possible? Nevertheless whatever you think there is always a choice and a possibility to make changes to your life. Even though you may have reached the conclusion that nothing could possibly be different you will find that when you your mindset makes some shifts that you come to realise that change is possible. So it is vitally important that in order for you to find other ways to alter your situation and make changes you have to learn ways to change your mindset.

The Mantra for Sure Shot Success

Most small businesses are clueless about their goals. If you ask most of them about their business goals, they would simply say something along the lines of ‘to become successful.’ However, the fact is that having a strong and specific goal is one of the biggest catalysts for success in business. Many successful small businesses have tasted success by simply having a clear set, executable goal.

How To Achieve The Goals You Set

Let’s talk about the best way to achieve the goals you set for yourself. When many people think about goals they tend to think of them as a target, this idea you aim for and you just go start chasing it. What normally happens for most when we approach our goals this way is that we end up chasing a moving target, almost like painting a target on a chicken* and then trying to catch it…not much success, I would say this is actually one of the quickest way’s to assure failure of reaching the goal.

The Ultimate Triathlete

This is a story about me and my journey to turn around my health to becoming a triathlete. This article describes my training plan and how I got to where I am today.

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