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People Seldom Rise Above Their Own Opinion Of Themselves

Watching what is happening currently on the news in England, with all the violence throughout the country makes me think once again about the phrase ‘People Seldom Rise Above Their Own Opinion Of Themselves’. An old tutor of mine first said it to me and it really hit home, I don’t know it’s origins and I have adapted it slightly but it still resonates so true.

Do Goals Count?

Goals are important. They help you figure out where you want to go. They help you stay on a clearer path. Goals help you get things done. And best of all, when you complete a goal, you feel good about yourself.

Four Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

Are you smart and highly motivated? Are you quite successful but somehow you feel you could achieve more? Are you frustrated because you don’t know how you will ultimately get where you want to be? Here is why you might not utilize your full potential – yet – and how you can turn this around.

Be the Committed Shooter

By reading this article, I believe you are a person who is committed in learning and personal growth. Nothing happens unless first a dream. Goal setting is the first step behind every success story. You may be told by other people about the importance of goal setting over and over again. Don’t fall in the trap of “law of familiarity” by telling yourself or others, “I know it is important” or “don’t remind me again.” You know something but you are not doing it. It is just a piece of useless information. The biggest stumbling block in people’s lives is inaction.

Follow Your Dreams, Not Just Dreams For The Future But Also Dreams From The Past

It’s important to have dreams and to remember things which have struck a chord over the years, even as far back as childhood. Follow not just the dreams you have for the future but bring to life the forgotten dreams of the past.

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