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6 Important Questions to Help You Reflect on Success and Failure

To get meaning out of our goals, we need to reflect on the successes and failures. In this article you will learn the 6 most important self-reflection questions to explore.

How Setting Specific Goals Can Help You Improve Your Health And Fitness Levels

Goals are an important part of any fitness program. They give you an outline and a direction in which to go, without a goal your energy has nowhere to go. Goals help to measure your progress and improve your fitness level. They do this by giving you something to focus on and also provide the route by which to accomplish them.

10 Habits Of Fit And Healthy People

Have you ever met anyone who is a health fanatic? Maybe they rarely touch dessert or fried chicken, or they go to the gym every day. Maybe their favorite lunch includes a whole grain bread sandwich with sprouts and a wheatgrass juice chaser? Possibly they don’t engage in unhealthy behaviors like, smoking or excessive drinking? There are people who live by a strict code of health that of course includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. These people never miss a checkup, they stay up to date with all the latest medical news and take great care to follow their doctor’s orders.

Goal Contracts (A Life Skill From the Old School)

An old school, but powerful, short term goal setting system. Helps organize, focus, motivate and track personal and business goals.

5 Tips to Clearly Define Your Goals

Having your goals set to short, medium and long term are plans that only a few have. Having an improvised life will lead you to improvised results that are difficult to manage.

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