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Achieve Your Goals – Is Your Goal Process Or Outcome Driven?

There is some debate as to whether goals should be process or outcome driven. What does this even mean anyway? Is one approach better than the other? Is there a middle road? In this article I will discuss both cases and offer some thoughts for you to consider when setting your outcomes.

The 12 Commandments of Personal Goal Setting

Many people have an idea of what they like to obtain in their lives. But, somehow, they fail to achieve them. Why? Is it because they failed to set clear goals?

How to Write Goals – 3 Insider Secrets

There are no short cuts when it comes to learning how to write goals. Over the years, I have learned that there are certain rules for goal setting. This knowledge has been a result of mistakes in my sales career and from the time that I have spent studying the most successful sales and business gurus in business seminars.

Life Lists Are the New Goals

I’ve done a 36 things, 37 things and a 38 things list on each of my last 3 birthdays. These are mini life lists. I’ve found that I think about the list a lot as my birthday approaches and then I also talk about it quite a bit with both friends and colleagues. In the processing, thinking and talking about why I do a life list as well as goals, a few things have become clear to me: 1. Some items are always going to be easier to accomplish if you tell people e.g. last year I had an item on my list “learn to cook a roast”…

Achieve Your Goals – Are You Flexible And Resilient Enough?

Achieving goals can be hugely satisfying and life affirming. I guess that’s why we set goals in the first place. Achieving goals can also be immensely hard work. The goal has to be big enough to stretch you and challenge you otherwise it is just a routine task. Goals can sometimes seem to fight back; almost as if they don’t want to be achieved. A really good goal that appeared benign at first can suddenly start to fight hard and dirty and you know that when you have achieved that goal, you have really earned the plaudits. You need to be flexible and resilient when this happens as you never know which particular goal will prove a handful.

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