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Goals: To Share or Not to Share

When it comes to the question of whether or not to share goals, many experts side in favor of sharing, while research supports keeping mum about our plans. Of course, 99% of the people who know you probably won’t care one way or the other about your goals. They may care very much about you as a person of course, but they have their own world, struggles and goals to manage. In any case, ultimately the idea of sharing your goals really isn’t about other people anyway, it’s about adding a little more juice to your own efforts so that you’ll be even more proud when you accomplish your goal, and even more embarrassed if you fail.

Getting Things Done – Little And Often

When you see a chore to do, do you break it down into little steps or do you see the whole thing as overwhelming and therefore don’t get around to it? The key to successfully getting things done is to do a little at a time on a regular basis.

Goal Setting Process – 2 Simple Tips For Setting Goals The Right Way

The goal setting process helps you to determine the outcome of your life. I can help you learn to set goals the right way and get the rigth resuts.

Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

You have a goal. You have a great plan.

Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Sometimes, people don’t have realistic expectations. They may hope they can have their desire, but if they’re not committed to it, they probably won’t achieve it. Here are some steps to creating a reasonable goal and how to accomplish it.

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