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How The Perfect Storm Can Undermine Your Best Intentions

When you set goals to help you establish healthy habits, you sometimes have several fronts to fight — or deal with — in getting that new habit set. You may experience set-backs, but if you refocus you can overcome the challenges.

Healthy Habits, Lasting Change

Habits are powerful. They make us do things without thinking about them. But we are more powerful, because we create these habits. Making lasting changes in life is about creating SMART habits that help us reach our goals.

What Happens If You Quit?

What happens if you quit? What if you were one day, one hour, one minute away from obtaining everything you had wished and dreamed for. But you gave up and said “I’m done I can’t do this anymore.” Think about George in It’s a Wonderful Life. You don’t want to quit – set your face like a flint and push onward.

Burst Goals

Burst goals are a method of generating immediate activity by setting immediate goals. These are goals of action, not development. Burst goals are about getting things done, not improvement.

Don’t Stop Until You Get There

When you are chasing after your goals do you stop and say “this is good enough?” This is as far as I’m going to go and I might as well accept it. So many times people stop at good enough and never receive the promised land. Don’t Stop Until You Get There.

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