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If You’re Smart, Have SMART Goals

The focus of this article will deal with what you can do on a day to day basis to achieve your goals in life. Each and every one of us has things we want to achieve to make us happy: take a trip to Spain, save $10,000 before graduation, move to California. But we have to have a game plan in order to reach said goals. This is where we get into what’s known as S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Using this outline when you are planning out things you want to achieve will greatly enhance your chances of getting the most out of this one life you have.

4 Reasons You Are Failing at Accomplishing Your Goals

If you are like me, then you know that there is greatness out there promised for you. No matter how hard things get or how tough things are, you know it’s there. Sometimes, on this journey to get to where we are going, our vision can get a little smokey. Perhaps along the way you continuously ask yourself, “What is holding me back from reaching my destiny and accomplishing my goals?” If you do not know already, let me be the first one to tell you, motivation and sheer desire alone will not guarantee that you succeed at your goals. In fact, the act of setting goals alone in itself does not guarantee that you will accomplish them. So why is it that we can be so steadfast in settings goals for our own dreams, and still fail to fulfill them? Are you ready for your moment of clarity?

Make This New Year Different, Don’t Make A Resolution

Have you made resolutions year after year, only to fall short? Maybe you need a different way of enacting change in your life.

The Book of Remembrance

Day one of 2016 is in the bag. What did you do with today? Did you set some new goals, review old goals, or do nothing? I reviewed my old goals and reviewed the ones that I already accomplished in December 2015. Creating a Book of Remembrance, is just that – it helps you remember that you did do something in 2016.

Don’t Settle: Get Inspired With New Year’s Resolutions for What You Really Want!

It’s hard to muster up the passion, enthusiasm and persistence it takes to realize your New Year’s resolutions when they’re lackluster. They need luster! Brilliance! Shine! How else are you going to commit to something that will take persistence and perseverance?

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