Tony Robbins Motivation – Listen Every Day!

Pave Your Way To Success

Taking well planned steps towards your goals, brings you closer and closer to reaching them. The acronym PAVE stands for: Passion, Action, Vision, and Excellence! It helps you create a road map that you can follow, improve upon and perfect. Once you pave the road to increase the sales of one product or to reach a goal for yourself, you can efficiently apply your road map over and over again.

Being Busy Was Just An Excuse How to Motivate Yourself to Do the Important Things in Life

As I was handing in my resignation, I thought to myself, “I would be so productive!” I had grand plans and I was finally going to be that guy that you read about on the internet. Someone that works on whatever he’s interested in, makes good money and at the same time have the freedom of time. It’s been exactly seven days since I’ve been unemployed and unfortunately, not much has changed.

Message From the Universe: The Door to Opportunities Is Always Left Unlocked

There is never only ONE life opportunity and this is what most sales people try to get you in and get involved with MLM or other kind of crappy worthless opportunities. You create your own opportunity, and there are always plenty of them, depending on what you are looking for. Whatever you want to accomplish in life, you are in control of your own actions. If you want to be successful, accept the fact that there is never any shortcuts to success, and if you want to grow long term, you need to take the long path. Looking for an easier way to get to destination? Don’t fool yourself, it is just an illusion, a mirage that make your believe that shortcuts are there. Time and patience is needed, so be ready to have lots of it.

Commitment Equates to Visibility

Ask a room full of entrepreneurs what their greatest challenge is and, more times than not, the answer is, “Finding clients.” Actually, it’s not so much finding clients as it is finding the right clients. Imagine if you didn’t have to search out clients because they found you because you are incredibly visible.

A DNF (Did Not Finish) Is Greater Than DNS (Did Not Start)

A novel perspective on the failure to achieve one’s goals. The reader will learn tips on how to overcome the disappointment and find the courage to try again.

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