Tony Robbins Motivation – Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

Stop Drifting and Start Living

So many people are just drifting through life. They have no plans, no idea what their purpose is and they just exist. I tell the story how I went from working dull blue collar jobs to becoming a person with a plan and a purpose. Best of all I started living.

What Will You RESOLVE To Do, In 2016?

Nearly everyone has some annual tradition, which often includes thinking about the upcoming year, and coming up with a set of New Year’s resolutions. I earnestly believe that, although few people actually have their resolutions come to fruition, as they hope for, when they make them, they truly wish for, momentarily commit (to some changes), and are hopeful, and somewhat optimistic, about the opportunities for the coming year. In my pursuit of enhancing each of our possibilities, beginning with my own, I have created a mnemonic exercise, so as to evaluate, consider, and take actions, to make the new year,…

Create SMART Goals

A very wise man (and scary too) once asked me to put together a SMART goal. I don’t know if it was his wisdom or my fear for getting under his nerves that placed me in this “self-motivated” mode and got me started.

Why People Don’t Set Goals

1. Not serious… just words – no action. Need to reverse to ACTION, not just words. 2. Do not accept RESPONSIBILITY for his/her life. Still waiting for real life to just “happen,” buying lottery tickets instead of taking responsibility for their lives; “waiting for their ship to come in;” waiting for a lucky break; always WAITING for a more convenient time. But… who else will take responsibility for your life, if not you.

Anything Less Than 100% Focus Is Not On

Some sellers think that it’s OK for them to ignore a prospect once they bring up something they consider to be a vital issue. If you stop listening to the prospect, they may stop listening to you.

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