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Goal Setting – Your Goal Is More Important Than the Route You Take to Get There

When I set out for my walk today, I had several very specific goals in mind. I wanted to walk for about an hour, cover about 4 miles, and get some inspiration along with fresh air. Based on my goals, I created a plan.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

What have you been putting off that you know you will do tomorrow or better yet, you’ll start on Monday? You know tomorrow never comes and Monday may be to late. Set your goals and do them today. No matter what don’t let the sun go down on today without pursuing your goals.

How to Stay Persistent and Reach Your Goals

It sounds like an easy concept, but staying persistent can be trying! Find out what simple steps you can take to reach your ultimate business goals and succeed!

Ascent to Everest

We all have goals. Sometimes they are as massive as climbing Mount Everest. Sometimes they are as simple as paying off some debt. We have to make hard decisions, sacrifices and choose to do what we need to do to achieve our goals.

How to Be GREAT Every Day!

I think it’s so amazing that an exercise and something so simple has inspired people and motivated people to start setting goals. The look on their faces after beating their numbers was sheer happiness. Finally their quality of life has improved be it through exercise, motivation or by doing the simplest of things and setting a daily goal.

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