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Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Setting Goals

Although goals are very important to many people, they may be neglected by senior citizens who are in the later years of life. Goal setting can be beneficial for all regardless of age.

Striving for Elusive Perfectionism

Problem is, perfection is relative. Everyone has a different perspective on what is perfect and what is not according to their own belief system. When you describe the ‘perfect’ man/woman, dollars to donuts they will not be anything like the description of the person next to you!

Woman Aged 50 Plus and Lost in The Pukey Wilderness?

What is my passion, my gift? How do I find this purpose? Dang it, I am not content, not happy! Yet I somehow know that I can be if I can just find my answers. What is holding me back? Am I trying too hard? Not hard enough? Where can I go for the guidance that I need? I’m lost in this pukey wilderness!

Everything You Know About Setting Goals Is Wrong

Quite a lot has been written about goals and goal setting over the years… but I think that much of that literature can be disregarded entirely. Why? Because those books teach the wrong methods to set goals — a way that will set you up for a lot of disappointment and pain.

Keep It Simple, Silly

SIMPLE – Something Impossible Made Possible with Less Effort. How many of us are still in the toddler stage when it comes to accomplishing things? A toddler, rather than walking around a chair in the middle of the room, will climb on it, fall off of it, climb on it again, cry when the chair falls over, climb on the chair again after an adult has picked it up and finally make it over the chair!

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