Tony Robbins Motivation – The 3 Steps to a Breakthrough


The onset of a new season signifies change. Our ability to welcome or accept change is an important ingredient when it comes to achieving our goals, as well as our capacity to grow and learn. Attaining your goals is easier than you think. The first step towards success is to know what you want, and the second is making your goals S.M.A.R.T.!

Intelligent Goal Setting

Nowadays we hear about the importance of goal setting to achieve our goals. However, goal setting needs to be intelligent goal setting. What I mean by intelligent goal setting is to make sure you do not become discouraged by your goal or goals.

The Winner Is, Today

Anyone who wins sets good goals, first of all. Without those, life really is nothing.

I’ve Set My Goals – Now What?

People set goals to give them purpose in the life, to increase their potential, to enhance, enrich and increase their happiness in life but what if you have set your goal, you are working towards it but you still do not feel content, satisfied or happy? Well, you may have missed out an important step.

Make Decisions Like A Boss

People who make fast decisions go straight to the top, and the people who don’t make them seems to go nowhere. Be one of those people who makes decisions.

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