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The Power of Your Intentions

When you are determining your intentions for anything, make sure they are clear. Not knowing what you want is going to be a recipe for a lot of confusion and problems. Knowing where you want to go and how you want to get there can make everything go a lot more smoothly than you ever imagined!

Measuring Your Goals

When you go to the gym, you wouldn’t do all that running or lift all those weights if you didn’t have a specific target, would you? You wouldn’t go to the gym on a consistent basis and not measure your weekly or daily progress now would you? Well the same thing applies to our life, what we measure gets managed!

3 Tips To Get You To The Finish Line And Prevent Derailing Your Goals and Dreams

We set goals. We get to the starting line. Ready. Aim. Fire. We are off to a great finish. Right? Wrong. Life happens. Distractions rear their head. The path to the finish line gets fuzzy, cloudy, and sometimes we are unable to see through the fog. It happens to all of us.

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick and Make 2013 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions can be a frustrating job, but the latest research tells us that change is possible and just by following a few steps, you can be successful. New Year’s resolutions are promises you make to yourself to do things that will improve the quality of your life or improve some aspect of your life: lose weight, exercise regularly, eat healthier, drink less, meditate, have less stress, spending more time with your kids, stop smoking, get organized. They are your good intentions.

Where Are You Headed? Because You Are Worth It

Very simple, but extremely powerful, how to start getting the things you want in your life, by helping you develop a simple list of 100 Goals. Things to consider. What to Avoid.

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