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Leaving Smallville

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as small and insignificant? Do you thinking that living in Smallville is what life is all about? You were created for so much more than to live in Smallville and to just exist.

Top 5 Ways to Live an Intentional Life – How to Make a Difference

Discover and explore the top 5 ways to live an intentional life, a life of significance, so you know you matter. Living on purpose is key to reducing your stress and developing inner peace and fulfillment with a sense of satisfaction.

Being 50 Something

Being 50 something doesn’t mean your life is over. It means you have a brand new opportunity to decide what you want to be when you grow up. What do you want to do in this brand new world we live in?

Your Direction

Good winning and right training are the same thing. For all temporary loss is simply a sort of training for the ultimate win when really thought about and understood. I would have called this article “Start Here”, but I decided to call it “Your Direction” because “Start Here” would be an understatement and a silly bromide when it comes to anyone having a genuine vision and direction in life. A vision and direction that is genuine is never really veered from even in the face of temporary loss, after all actual winnings and losses in that sense do not matter. What does matter is how you ultimately succeed at what you genuinely want to do in existence, not just the small part of life you want to succeed in.

Redefining Your Life Goals

Many of us go through periods of change throughout our lives whether in relationships, career or life goals. This article attempts to explain why we need to do this and how to really understand what we want.

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