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The Problem With Setting Goals

Goals motivate us to try harder, extend ourselves and move out of our comfort zone. But they can bring their own problems too. Let’s look at four areas to consider when setting ourselves goals.

Setting Clear Financial Goals Is Part 3 of The Blueprint for Success, Significance, and Satisfaction

Setting goals is an important step that can guide our decisions about money. For most of us, our goals include our children’s college education, weddings, family vacations, retirement, a cause that inspires us, and maybe a significant hobby. Some people may want to save enough to start their own business or buy a boat or a vacation home. And some people need to have enough money to adopt a child or provide extensive medical care for a family member. Setting clear goals is a key to success.

Goal Setting For Success – Align With Your Subconscious Mind

A lot has been written about goal setting. Unfortunately, most of it doesn’t work because it doesn’t address people’s subconscious motivations, which is why New Year’s Resolutions rarely stick. In order for long-term goals to work, they have to be…

Are You a High Performing Athlete?

Peak performance. A buzz word used by coaches, trainers and athletes. What if that was only a small part of a bigger picture? By solely seeking peak performance athletes might be missing an even greater endeavor. High performance.

Deserving Your Goals

Many people are now focusing on setting goals. While goal setting is a great start, it is only one component of the goal achieving process. This article covers another important component called (deserving).

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