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How to Set Goals for Different Aspects of the Life You Lead

Someone once said, “If you strive for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” In other words, setting goals prevents you wondering aimlessly through life. Goal setting = Success Goal setting is the process of deciding where you want to get in life, and then plotting out a number of steps to lead you there. Success is something we make for ourselves. Fortune has nothing to do with it. All successful people set goals. Some may have an organized routine, others a “vision”. Some may not even purposely set goals at all. But the process is the same.

7 Wildest Dreams for Life

Have you ever had dreams when you were young? Things you wish to do, or achieve, personal goals set out to do in the future, but have not even got around to thinking about. Here is a list of 7 audacious goals set, by adventurous people all over the world who want to make the most of their lifetime.

Reaching Your Goals and Overcoming Obstacles for the Martial Artist

I still get baffled at the thinking of some people. No matter what you say or do, they stick to their excuses and stay negative, limited, and stuck.

A Simple Strategy to Focus

Have too many interests? Feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not accomplishing anything of value? This article gives you a simple way to maintain focus and get the important things done.

Effective Goal-Setting

Whether you are setting goals for your business or your personal life, there are some key elements you need to cover in order to achieve those goals. Take this step by step approach to setting realistic and achievable goals.

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