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The Difference Between Being Effective and Being Efficient in Achieving Your Goals

When it comes to goal setting, there is a huge difference between being effective and being efficient. This article provides a definition of what both terms mean and then provides you with tips to help you combine them to achieve your goals and reach for the stars.

How to Set Goals – The Why and the How

Achieving goals is the mainstay of having a successful personal and professional life. Without goals, life is living by the luck of the draw.

Goal Setting Template: 9 Sure-Fire Steps To Setting a Goal and Achieving It

When it comes to achieving your most important goals, It makes sense to follow a goal setting template. This template is provided as a step-by-step plan to help take you from where you are now to wherever you want to go. It works for short term and long term goals. But it isn’t magic. Goal achieving is not a spectator sport – it requires a keen desire and a willingness to take the necessary action steps. If you follow the steps presented here, you will make steady progress in the direction of your dream. How far you take it is really up to you.

The Magic of “Process Goals”

As artists we all have certain goals we want to accomplish. But do you actually accomplish them or do you end up not even setting goals because they hardly ever come true? Yeah, I’ve certainly been down that road before. I didn’t set goals for a long time because, overtime, as I set them to paper, hardly any of them ever came to fruition (But isn’t that like us to focus on the goals we didn’t get?) Some seemed pretty attainable (and I’m sure I did accomplish a few) and others were probably too ambitious – then again, aren’t we *supposed* to have goals that make us reach and extend outside of our comfort zone?

Planning Your Development

Career choice and career goal planning are two of the most intricate and toughest choices one comes across throughout his life. Although, I am quite sure about my future plan, I still have doubts if I have chosen the right career.

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