Tony Robbins Motivation – Why Are You Here

To See Is to Believe

Perhaps, almost all of us cling to this idea. Of course, some people say that it’s not easy to believe on something they have not yet seen. It takes a lot of explanations to persuade anybody to support you all the way.

What I Want For The Rest Of My Life

Most people see aging as a diminishment of “who they were” rather than an unfolding of who they are yet to become. Candidly, I’ve been one of these “most people” at times (I think it started at about forty-nine and a half).

Number 1 Reason We Struggle in Accomplishing a Goal REVEALED!

We set goals to achieve a desire. Quite often we don’t reach these goals, even when we badly want to achieve them. Why is this so? If we want it badly enough, surely that’s all we need to achieve it? Its actually a little more complex than this. Read this article to discover the real reason we miss out on our goals!

3 Strategies You Can Learn From Professional Athletes That Will Change Your Life

It’s amazing what many professional athletes can accomplish. Some of what they implement can work for you too, not just athletically, but in life. You can get to the next level by implementing these three strategies.

Are Your Goals SMART Goals?

As the year comes to an end, most businesses began to evaluate where their business has been over the past 12 months and where it is going. These are the reasons why I enjoy this time of the year. It is the time where you get to re-vamp everything – life, career, and business. You get to determine what worked and what didn’t.

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