Tony Robbins Motivational – Certainty

Goal Setting: The Truth

People don’t achieve their goals by writing them down with dates to achieve them. They reach their goals with a Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ) of 100.

Reach Your Goals By Writing Them Down

This article teaches the value of writing down your goals. By doing so we put into action the eventual accomplishment of those goals.

Achieve Your Biggest Goal

Have you made any resolutions this year? Why not resolve to achieve your biggest goal? In this article I will show you step by step exactly how to do this.

The Story of Jacob and Mr. Jones

The truth is this: every man and woman on this earth has a soul, and inside each soul lies a seed which holds a great future. In order to achieve this great future, an individual must devote himself/herself to the nourishment and development of that seed. If an individual rejects this assignment and decides not to act upon this task, he/she has lost their purpose in life.

Boycotting Resolutions? Me Too! Here’s an Alternative to a Truly Happy New Year

Keeping resolutions is rare. But positive change is vital to out happiness. Here’s a simple way to by happier in the New Year.

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