Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – Change Your Values (Law of Attraction)

Is Asking the Universe Enough to Achieve Your Dreams?

I often hear people talking about the universe; how the universe is assisting them or what the universe is providing for them. I have even seen many websites such as “Note from the Universe” or “You and the Universe” and so on. I am not against people’s relationship to the “universe”, I even agree with the wisdom and influence of the so called universe. However, from the point of view of personal responsibility, just hanging out there waiting for the universe to do something for me is just not enough, nor is it realistic.

The Journey of Writing My First Book – The Optimized Leader

The Journey of Creating My First Book: The Optimized Leader Writing a book is an experience unlike anything else…

Goal Setting From Within

Mechanical goal setting is easy. All you have to do is think about your job, think about what your boss expects of you, and write five or six bullet points and you’ve got your goal setting done for the next year. Or, if you are running your own business, just think about the most pressing things you know you should do over the next year and you’ve got the goal setting for your business completed. Will this mechanical goal setting work? Perhaps yes, probably not.

The Secret Ingredient to Staying Motivated

To stay motivated, you need to be able to see progress. And measuring progress sometimes takes a little creativity.

3 Ways to Finish Your Year Strong

Resist thinking your year is over. On December 1, you have 4 weeks left. Choose to spend them well. Finish your year strong and set yourself up for success for the new year ahead.

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