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New Year’s Resolution Failure

So all these people who rudely invaded the gym, who I will now refer to as ‘the intruders’, are now gone. Why was that goal so short lived? They definitely didn’t accomplish their goal, or did they? What was the goal was there any way to know whether or not it would be accomplished? I wanted to find out so I found myself doing a very unscientific study. I would seek out people who looked very lost in the gym, ask them to spot me or workout with me (depending on how lost they looked) I would then proceed to ask the following questions.

Lessons From Powerful Women!

These are great lessons and, when implemented, will move you forward in your business. We can’t have it easy all the time – but it doesn’t have to be difficult, hard or expensive either.

New Years Resolutions – Are They Just A Process?

The making of resolutions seem to be very much the norm these days. People choose at the end of current years to do so. It seems as if it is in our nature to make resolutions. If we do accept that, then the process must be managed. I shall be posing 8 questions among the many more that can be asked to put the making of resolutions into some perspective:

Transform Your Life With A Day At The Beach – Even If It’s Winter And You’re Land-Locked

Are you a bit fed-up with life, but you’re not sure what you want… is your head full of half-finished To Do lists, and loads of things you think “should” do even though you don’t really want to? This post will give you some answers.

How to Set Your Goals With Personal Development?

Personal development strategy onsets out with recognizing the areas in which you want to develop. Start out by creating a list of the zones in your life where you have effort.

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