Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – DEVELOP A STRONG MIND | John Maxwell, Patrick Bet David

How Can You Create Luck?

Being able to consistently create luck is a great skill to have. One that you are about to learn.

Create YOUR Burning Desire For Relentless Passion And Success

The secret to achieving anything is a burning desire. Get yours, and everything will fall into place.

How To Rig The Game Of Life In Your Favor

Most things in life are rigged, like it or not. Once you learn the inside scoop, you can be the one doing the rigging.

Are You Ruled By Fate Or Your Own Choices?

Most people believe in fate on some level. If you want to take back control, then this article is for you.

Enjoy The Playground Of Life And Get Anything You Want

The easiest way to mess up anything is to try too hard. Life in general is no different.

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