Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND | Robert Kyosaki, Ramit Sethi

How To Find Gold Nuggets Inside Your Problems

Everybody’s got problems all the time. You can either run and hide from them, or turn them into stunning examples of your greatness.

The Myth Of Balance And What It Really Means

Always staying centered is a recipe for mediocrity. Unless you’re off balance, you’re not living.

Are You Driven By Instincts Or Choice?

You’d be surprised how often we are chasing goals that aren’t our own. These can be other people, or even our own genetic programming.

Driving a Career Cautiously and Consciously: Keeping an Eye on Traffic Signals

Shifting from one occupation to another happens these days rampantly. Surely the trend indicates entrepreneurial spirit of the stake holders. But a certain level of caution is always recommended while going into a new avocation. Suitability, prospects, risks and rewards are all to be assessed before a change over.

Are You On Your Own Road Or Somebody Else’s?

It’s really easy to imagine you are pursuing your own goals, when in reality, you’re going after somebody else’s. Here’s how to tell the difference.

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