Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost | Jordan Peterson

Are You Living Consciously Or Unconsciously?

Most people live their lives asleep. Here’s how to wake up.

Take Easy Action For Unlimited Success

Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult. Here’s how to make it easy.

How to Set Goals and Win Big Time

How to set goals and win big time is not too difficult, as long as we know what we’re doing, and how to achieve this. I’ve seen failures and successes and I would rather be a success story than a failure story. However, don’t sell yourself short because being a failure determines whether we will sink, die, give up or change direction, focus, reset your mind, and try again.

Will You CHASE Your Dreams?

So much time and effort have been devoted to the significance that our dreams have on our personal achievements, and acquisition of our most essential goals. However, with that in mind, doesn’t it seem somewhat perplexing that, while so many speak of their dreams (and how important they are to them), so little consideration is given, and action taken to actually CHASE them in a meaningful and impactful manner? Ideally, our most essential dreams drive us forward towards developing a person’s vision that motivates us to create essential goals, that transforms us towards creating and using a personally worthwhile and…

Become A Black Belt Of Life

How to slowly and consistently develop some mad skills. And get anything you want in life.

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