Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Graduate Employability Skills

Any student about to graduate will relay the same story – “I have applied for lots of jobs but haven’t had one interview yet.” It is not uncommon these days for an advertised position to attract hundreds of new graduate applicants. And on paper many of the applicants will appear well qualified if not over qualified.

Goals: Why Aren’t You Meeting Yours?

Are you having trouble reaching your goals and not sure why? Here’s an interesting article detailing why you might be hitting a plateau and ways to overcome any roadblocks on your path to success! Knowledge is power!

Your Success Depends on the Type of Goal You Set

You have two choices when it comes to goals; to be intentional or unintentional about them. Whichever you choose and whether you know it or not, you’re still setting goals. Your success depends on which type of goal you set.

The Neuroscience of Goal Setting

Henry Ford said “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” That’s long been one of my favourites because it puts the finger fairly and squarely on one’s mindset as determining success; it’s our responsibility to have a positive attitude when embarking on a project. But the right mindset without the right steps to put it into action is not going to get us very far in reality. This is where goal-setting comes in: it’s important for us to have the vision and positivity, but setting and reaching goals will actually make it happen. There have been many interesting studies in neuroscience about the power of goals, and we can use the findings in our personal and professional lives…

The Power of Looking Ahead and Achieving Goals

Looking ahead can be difficult for some of us because what we may be experiencing right now could be an unpleasant situation. Some of us can find it difficult to look ahead because we still feel the disappointment of the not too recent past. But I have found, without a shadow of doubt, there is power in looking ahead.

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