Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – How to Understand Yourself And Overcome Depression

Life Gaming and Goals

There are five questions to ask yourself when articulating and designing your life goals and purpose. The answers to the questions can help you tap into the meaning of life and your exceptionally important part in it.

Achieving Goals One Step At A Time: What A Difference An Hour Makes

I’d like to think that everyone has goals. But, the real question is, how many actually “actively” work towards those goals? And, if they don’t, what is it that prevents them from doing so? For many, it’s simply a lack of belief in themselves and the fact that the process seems overwhelming and insurmountable so they abandon a dream. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You Are a Goal Achiever

Have you ever given the fact that every living organism on this planet, including you, is designed with all the tools it needs to achieve all its goals. From the most basic life form, where their goal is simply to survive, to more advanced life forms like mammals, where they have everything they need to achieve their goal of finding food, procreating and avoiding predators. As humans we are no different, we too possess all the tools we need to achieve our goal, whatever those may be.

How to Revive Your Life and Career Goals

Do you feel like your life and career goals are falling short? This article offers life and career coaching tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Screw Goal Setting!

Goal setting is overrated. In fact, setting “SMART” goals can set you up for failure. You may run after your goals like the donkey after the carrot in front of the cart. You never reach it – or if you do, you may find it’s not as tasty as you expected.

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