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Jump Start Your Life With The Power of Praise

Simple solutions to reach goals are often the best. No special equipment or tricks, just plain common sense actions that are sometimes overlooked in the rush to get ahead and do it right. Not Resolutions but actions that create lasting change and results.

How Much Are You Willing to Do to Achieve Your Desires?

How much time do you spend feeling frustrated, depressed and angry because other people seem to be able to achieve what you desire – so easily? If you look closely you will find that whilst others may have acquired your goals quicker than you, there will be many things that they desire which you obtained more easily and most likely with less effort. The privilege of success in every aspect of life is not simply given to you (some aspects of life will always be easier & harder – depending on your life circumstance). So, when you really desire something, some planning & determination goes a long way.

Powerfully Making Changes – Are You Sabotaging New Year’s Resolutions With These 3 Common Mistakes?

When I was an avid gym-goer, I dreaded all the “New Years Resolutioners” that filled the gym in January. They made it difficult for me to find space in classes and on the equipment. I knew I just had to wait until sometime in February when the numbers would drop. All those people would fail (yet again) at their resolution to lose weight. I too have been that person.

New Year’s Resolution Solution

Only 3% of people actually accomplish their goals. How do they do it? There is a solution to the high rate of New Year’s resolution failure.

Garbage in Your Mind

You wouldn’t want people dumping real garbage in your house, so why let them fill your head with mental garbage? If you want to reach your goal, you have to sever ties with people that have a negative influence upon your life or your thinking. They will-usually unintentionally-destroy the positive mindset you have worked to create.

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