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Castles Made Of Sand And Supposed Sanity

This is an article about setting your goals in the wrong way, and then getting it right later after you get more understanding. Failure is never the end as long as existence and consciousness exists, existence first.

Getting Past the Fork in the Road

Choosing which fork in the road can be excruciating. About a year ago, my son is in the throes of choosing colleges to apply to. There is an endless list of possibilities. In today’s day and age, some kids apply to upwards of 20 schools. How do you pare down the list?

Achieving Your Goals on Time

If you think you have already lost sight of the goals you set at the beginning of this fiscal year, think again. If your career resolutions were overridden by work deadlines and meetings, it’s time to rethink and work towards your aspirations. Here are some suggestions to achieve your goals on time: Plan And Set a Strategy; Set Smaller Milestones; Be Accountable; Succeed and Win; Plan And Set a Strategy…

Goals – Action Is Everything

Have you set some amazing goals for this year? I hope you have and they scare you a little bit! Remember if there is no challenge it is not a goal – it is an activity. On the flip side with huge goals and success there is huge challenge and growth to look forward to. For some of you that might be scary. I understand to set a goal to compete, or go up a level, or even canter, or get on your horse can be a HUGE goal with HUGE challenges. So what do you do? You need to make sure you have a plan on how you will achieve this goal. Writing your goals down, staying committed, keeping focus is all important in achieving your goals. But the biggest thing that will determine if you achieve it – is how much action you take. Without action you have nothing. You have a dream, that will never turn into reality. Action is everything.

Do You Really Care About Your GOALS?

Nearly every day, someone discusses the need to set goals that are meaningful, motivating, and lead us to plan to take directed actions in order to achieve what’s most essential to us personally. The goal setting process is an important one because it creates a mindset to achieve objectives, try harder, care more, do more and proceed on a meaningful path or course of action. Yet, unless these are personal in nature, thus motivating one directly an impactfully, then they are someone else’s goal, or something we consider the politically correct ones to aim for, but may not be ones…

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