Tony Robbins Motivational Speeches – Repair Your Relationship When All Hope Seems Lost – Part 2

How to Find Your “Definite Chief Aim”

What is your definite chief aim? What is it that you want to do with your life? If you have never asked yourself these questions, it is for your benefit to continue reading.

Setting Meaningful Goals For The New Year

Every year, the same thing happens for most people. We look back on what went right and what might not have, and many of us set goals, make resolutions, and look forward positively towards a better, greater year. Unfortunately, for many, when that year ends, they simply repeat the same exercise, and end up with the same results.

Choices That We Make

Our choices determine a great deal for us; both the conscious choices and the unconscious ones can have a powerful impact on our lives. We all know that we have the ability to make choices (both good and bad) but we need to be aware that each choice actually moves us into a different dimension. There’s a dimensional scale, and each one of us is actually living in diverse dimensions that collide and intersect. Not one of us, however, lives in a set dimension. Therefore, as each choice is made, it moves us on this vibrational scale from one dimensional reality to another to another to another and so forth.

Goal Achievement Is Secretly Easy!

A lot of people believe goal achievement is really difficult. This is a completely understandable opinion to have, and one we’ve all held on to at some point in our lives. After all, if goal achievement were easy then we’d all have everything we’ve ever wanted, right?

Setting Goals Will Help You Achieve Success in Your Life

The most important thing is to set and then complete many goals. It may scare you at first to set a goal. But as you successfully complete the goal, you will want to set more of them.

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